Syrup of sugars for sorbet or water-based gelato

Spring is here! ..or summer, since today, in Milan, there were around 25°C! Now in the supermarkets you can no longer tell the season by what you find in the fruit department, but strawberries are always synonymous with the first warm weather. Since childhood, I could not wait to savor the beautiful strawberries with a […]


Eggs are widely used in food processing: for pasta, pastries and gelato. Eggs include the shell, egg white and yolk. As raw material, they are used as: – full – yolk – egg white The average weight is 2-3 oz., the yolk weighs about 0.71 ounces, the egg white about 1.06 grams. the remaining 0.35 […]


Sugar soluble diagram

Sugars are one of the basic ingredients of the gelato, makig the product  sweet but, above all, lowering the freezing point of the mixture. In fact, without sugars the mixture would freeze at 0°C, while if it is suitably worked it can even reach -10°C. So sugars act like antifreeze. The higher the percentage of […]

Structure of the gelato

Fat structure in gelato

Gelato has a very specific molecular structure that affects the organoleptic characteristics to the touch, of the taste buds. The texture or the consistency of the gelato will be, for example: smooth, rough, granular, sandy, watery, etc. Observe the colloidal structure of gelato Gelato is a frothy emulsion. The fat globules are reduced to the […]

Coconut gelato

Coconut ice cream

Yesterday I made a satisfying version of coconut gelato, I actually used the coconut flour, but I promise that next time I will use the real coconut. Ingredients: 17.64 oz. soy milk 4.94 oz. sugar 0.42 oz. glucose 0.71 oz. of milk powder or coconut milk powder (optional) 4.59 oz. single cream 2 egg yolks […]

Gianduja gelato

Later this morning I was invited to a dinner, a friend of mine has experimented with my recipe: focaccia bread with chestnut flour. So I thought of using the standard mixture of the hazelnut gelato last Thursday. Hmmm… …at 2:55pm TV Talk (RAI3) is on, one of my favorite shows… …in the afternoon the Italian […]